Apr 8

To the CW!!

It’s high time I stop putting this off, buckle down and relearn CW.  Not by using any CW program, but actually using the sideswiper key I built and get out there and just do it! If I don’t I will never learn and will always lean on a CW program to decoding and sending.  So […]

Mar 4

the things we learn…

Well especially me.  After working for hours trying to get my Winkeyer working properly I’ve learned that not everything you read will help. What I’ve learned so far; I don’t follow directions very well.  I will usually wait till the last minute to seek help on the forums and message groups.  That some vendors take […]

Feb 27

My baby steps to learning CW

Nearly 26 years in Amateur Radio, and I am finally getting on the ball to relearn CW. I struggled just learning the 5wpm requirement for novice back in 1988, now I want to learn it, use it and make it one of the main modes it use beside JT9/65.

I found a nice morse code trainer for my iPad/iPhone. Plus listening and practicing on the air. I am in the process of making a single level key. Pictures to come later.

Feb 24

1 watt goodness

Lowered the power on the 7200 to 1 watt, 12 meters was booming into Michigan this morning and I made a few contacts, longest was 4496 miles with one watt!  More exciting stuff for me.  My trusty 6-40m end fed keeps plugging along, for a homebrew I am very pleased with it. Now just waiting […]

Feb 19

2014 ARRL DX CW Contest

This past weekend I tried my hand competing in the ARRL DX CW Contest. I was woefully unprepared, having waiting till the last minute to prepare my station for the contest. Using FLDigi for CW decoding, sending and logging was a joke. I was completely lost as to what to do, needless to say I […]

Feb 7

1045 miles per watt

Had a JT65 QSO earlier this evening with PY5JE.  Running 5 watts, equates to 1045 miles per watt.  Might not be exciting to many, but pretty damn exciting to me. It’s the little things that count 73, Dave

Feb 5

New year brings new challenges

Another long hiatus from posting, work, weather and other things have kept me from posting on the blog. So we roll into the second month of the new year and some new challenges for me.  One, is learn CW, study for Extra and operate the whole year at 3 watts of power.  I usually operate […]

Oct 31

End Fed 6-40m Antenna up and running

I had been wanting to try 40m, so I took down my trusty 20m dipole on Tuesday night and put an end fed multiband antenna that covers 6-40m, that I had built back in July but never used.   The plans I used came from www.earchi.org, the site also has other plans for 20m and 40m […]

Sep 23

Been away for awhile

Wow, it’s been a month today since my last post.  Between work, vacation and other things keeping me busy, I haven’t had time to post anything. Last month I mentioned putting up Fan Dipole, between frustration, lack of time and lack of patience, I ended redoing my 20M dipole.  All is well in antenna land. […]

Aug 23

New antenna in the works

Having this weekend free from work, I will have some time to build a new antenna.  I want to try my hand at building a multiband dipole. Not trapped, but a fan dipole for 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.  .  Time to explore some other bands besides 20M.